When it came to interviewing Danny Strong I was freaking out. Danny is the creator and executive producer, alongside Lee Daniels, of the breakout hit show EMPIRE. My favorite people to interview are writers. At St. John’s University I minored in Creative Writing and majored in Communication Arts, so naturally, my dream job was to write for television.

So in regards to the interview, where do I start? Maybe I should begin with the music since it plays such a vital character to the show. Then that could lead us into him talking about the many cameo's they have, specifically about Naomi Campbell. Wait no, I have to talk about the Lyon's brothers first. Well, not before I talk about Terrence Howard...and then have to talk about Taraji. She's been my #WCW in my head since #WCW began. Should I only talk about Taraji? Can I ask him about the word THOT? If you love either Taraji or Terrence, subscribe to my YouTube channel. They're not on it, but there's always hope.